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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Weekend  CBS  April 1, 2012 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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it's a good morning. coming up next on eyewitness news. >> i'm alex the matrix. i made him millions mystery right here. >> plus, a domestic disturbance call. why police say they were forced to open fire. hood college press club season is down to two teams. march madness is straight ahead. taking a live look outside of her baltimore, the sun is up but it's hiding behind all of those clouds this morning. much like yesterday. the forecast being overcast. meteorologist tim williams tells us. >> and it's a big day for the 35th year the baltimore farmer's market is open for the year.
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i am sharon gibala coming up. we will tell you what's new. if eyewitness news is second to lay. >> abysses wjz tv, wjz hd, and baltimore. >> from the cities to the counties to your neighborhood. it's complete coverage. it's wjz. >> welcome to eyewitness news this sunday. i'm gigi barnett. >> and i'm tim williams. a cloudy start to the month, sunny start to the end of the weekend and paul sunday. >> is april fools day. it's day two of the watch to see who comes forward for thmega millions. we are watching those clouds try to give way. it will be a little while before receiving come to the region. that's going to be around
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sundown. it's not the prettiest day. temperatures still in the 40s. colder temperatures on the higher elevations. 46 on the shore, 44 l 10, 45 bwi marshall. the forecast for this stable click this. 64 degrees today. we will have some sun trying to push through the clouds through the day. it will take a little while. 46 degrees tonight. we will talk about the week ahead. the first full week. >> astronomical odds were cracked not once but three times as three winning and mega million tickets were sold. one of them right in baltimore county. here are the lucky numbers again. the $640 million jackpot is the largest ever. alex has more on where the other winning tickets were sold.
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>> good morning. someone in maryland has just joined the 1% club here at the 711. the question turned, who is it? >> reporter: word spread that the 711 structure pager. they were one of three in the nation to score the biggest jackpot in u.s. history. but does the holder of the winning ticket live right around the corner? right now no one knows. >> we do know that it was sold at 7:15 last night. it was a quick pick, and there was only one ticket purchased. >> only one ticket out of a record $11 million worth sold in maryland alone. the other two tickets came from the surreal convenience store in kansas and another in illinois. although dreams going in were just like any in maryland. >> i would help my family. >> the cash breakdown works out to three winners claiming $213
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million each, 150, $250,000 winners. >> our advice to the player is to safeguard the ticket. >> is an awful lot of money. x number of dollars to my siblings, my parents, things like that, but they have to make a plan. >> that's the advice from lottery officials. contact a lawyer and financial advisor, whoever you are. >> good advice. maryland is one of the few states where winning lottery ticket holders can remain anonymous. a domestic disturbance call ends when police shoot one of the residence. police say they rush to a home on brookfield avenue after receiving a domestic disturbance call. when they arrived they found george wells. investigators say at some point he pulled a knife on an officer and then ran away. police caught up with him at
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callow avenue where they were forced to use their weapons. >> an officer responded to this. a struggle and sued the suspect through a london. the officer fired at least one round striking the suspect. >> whilst later died. the police officer who shot him is on administrative leave this morning. in east alton moore, a suspected carjacker recovering this morning after crashing his car. it happened just after 9:00 last night on north central avenue. one person had to be cut out of the vehicle and taken to the hospital. police say they are still investigating the threat. thousands march on sanford police department for another rally in the shooting death of
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trayvon martin. as randall pinkston reports, the focus of the rally is starting to change. >> reporter: hundreds of demonstrators marched over the shooting death of trayvon martin and the decision not to charge volunteer neighborhood watchmen george zimmerman. >> there needs to be an arrest, and then there needs to be a fair trial. >> the case has become a national flashpoint. >> all of these killings are hate crimes. all of these killings are saying we have become as a nation much too violent. >> civil rights leaders believe protests will press charges. >> the reality is that this prosecutor we have our faith in but we are watching her. >> the focus of the march and rally was for justice. some speakers are urging protesters to turn their outrage to
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political action. >> what are you going to do at election time, stanford? >> the first time hints of disagreement on strategy. reverend al sharpton urges economic pressure on companies that support florida. the naacp says there are no plans for a boycott of stanford businesses. but they all agreed demonstrations will continue as long as george zimmerman remains free. in sanford florida, randall pinkston, wjz eyewitness news. >> zimmerman says he acted in self-defense and has not yet been charged with any crime. one week before easter and christians all over the world are heading to church for palm sunday. this was the scene a little while ago in vatican city as thousands of
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catholics gathered for mass. palm sunday is the start of holy week which ends on easter sunday. after several weeks and millions and millions of busted brackets, the ncaa basketball tournament has come down to two teams. it's certainly no surprise. the top-seeded kentucky wildcats had another big game against their rivals, the cardinals. kentucky wins this one in a shootout down to the last second, 69-61. for a while it looked like ohio state would be meeting them there. the jayhawks battled back taking the lead in the game 64-62. another exciting final to be had. and so the title game is set. the number 1 kentucky seat will battle the number 2 seeded kansas. the game is a rematch of sorts. kentucky coach loss against kansas in the 2008 ncaa title game
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back when he was coaching. while cats versus jay hacks this monday night. >> did your bracket, with kentucky versus kansas? >> now. >> i thought i had two different teams in the bracket i have until i looked at it yesterday and realized one of my teams was gone like three games ago. i didn't even realize it. what about yours? >> yeah, i did not. >> you have them? >> i kind of didn't fill out the brackets. my thing is, just wait and see. don't try to predict. just wait and see. works for me. >> don't throw out any mega millions numbers, just wait and see. >> it's a strategy. >> okay. it's another nice day.
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yesterday we had showers early and it stayed gray. not the prettiest day. it you got to do pretty much anything you want to do, it just wasn't the prettiest day to do it. however, we are on the flipside of that. it's not the prettiest day early on but we are looking at showers moving and late tonight. you will do pretty much anything early on and then there will be chance of showers late this evening as another front moves in from the west. what you watching is live doppler radar showing you the next rain maker boeing and starting to make its way across columbus and the ohio river valley. high pressure in control right now even though the cloud cover is not really showing that. what we are going to see, for the most part, is a day of gray skies giving way to that sunshine. at least a little waiter in the afternoon and then late this evening heading into about sundown or so. we love about her chance of some showers. the way at all shapes up, temperatures just around 45
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degrees with the dewpoint of 42. the relative humidity is at 89%. collins, 29.91 is the barometer reading. i promised a temperatures ranging from the low to mid 40s to the upper 40s if you get over toward dc. 47 dot on the shore, 47 patuxent river, 44 outs in and cumberland, 44 oakland. all round the immediate metro area, temperatures ranging around 45 degrees. 48 in a nablus and 48 on kent island. when zarqawi crossed the top tier of the state. don't expect to see much by way of breeze. a bit of a breeze tomorrow as this front is moving in from the northwest area it clears the area of moves out in high-pressure. we will have a clear day going into tuesday and then we have another rain maker. a bit of that disturbance well back toward the dakotas. kind of following the same pattern coming in from the northwest. that will be our next
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disturbance. for right now, a few clouds over the area. no rain forming anywhere around. the high-pressure stays with us and the front moves through. high pressure builds back in and tuesday a gorgeous eight, temperatures in the 70s. if you had that day off or on getting a good start for spring planting, that's a good day to get it done. small craft advisory will be lifted. we do have the advisory going in and out and back and forth for the next few days because of the different disturbances coming through. today is 64. some sunshine giving way to clouds. overnight lows around 46 degrees. and then for tomorrow temperatures around 62. and then for tomorrow taking a look at your first -- well, your first monday in the month. 62 tomorrow, 70 on tuesday, 60s eight, 64, 62 on friday. a benign, the normal high -- home opener for the orioles, 62 with sunshine.
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>> i thought about it. we always wait and see for the weather. it works in weather. it can work in sports. >> i can always guarantee you a forecast for yesterday. >> i don't predict the news. i just reported. still ahead on eyewitness news sunday morning. >> a deadly attack on tape. we will tie what happened and who is being blamed. plus, the search for a multimillionaire. we will have more on the mega jackpot, including what lottery officials are telling the lucky winner. and it -- >> and i'm happy to say the farmers market is open for the year. coming up, we will tell you what is in season. that's after the break. >> all right. you may not be a lucky powerball winner, but here are all of yesterday's lottery winning numbers. ,,,,,, 3q
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waiting and watching for the mega millions powerball winner to come forward with their winning ticket. all of those things happening today. we are looking for a few april showers as well. a pretty full day, and it's just the first day of the month with a few showers moving in with by late this evening. a good chance to get all of the activities done today. take a look at the radar. the showers we are watching associated with the front out to the northwest. it's going to take a while for that to get their. high pressure, although we have a good bit of shower and club covers right now, the showers are being held at date very high pressure in control. fortunately start to see showers moving into the region. with those showers, chances are we are going to see rain through the evening and clearing tomorrow. it's pretty nice monday and tuesday with temperatures up to 62, 70 on tuesday. >> all right, tim. first, turning to the other stories of the morning. a grenade attack caught on tape
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all in mexico. take a look at this. security footage shows a four- man scramble in to recover and seconds later a grenade exploding. the blast killed three workers and injured two others. meanwhile, police believe the gunmen are part of a gang linked to other murders and kidnappings in that region. two suspects now are under arrest. emergency crews still on the ground in thailand hanging up a deadly bomb attack. rescue workers say 14 people were killed and 300 others injured when a series of bombs went off. two blasts may have come from bombs hidden inside a stolen truck. a third bomb, which was attached to a motorcycle, went off close to a police station. the suspect was arrested in connection with the incident. back here it was a topic night in kentucky as basketball fans took to the streets to celebrate. thousands of fans flooded the
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streets in lexington following their teams win. the kentucky wildcats are now headed to a national championship game, but police say the celebrations got out of control as fans overturned cars. it's not yet clear if police arrested anyone in that celebration. well, the daughter of whitney houston is following in her mothers put us into the world of entertainment. bobbi kristina brown has been cast in tyler perry's sitcom for better or worse. there's no word on who she's playing or when the shooting, but she recently told oprah that she plans to carry on her mothers legacy. the show premieres in july. >> a prestigious affair last night as notre dame rolled out the red carpet for its white and blue ball. hundreds gathered for the black-
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tie event that featured michael kearny orchestra for $250 per person. people dined and dance the night away and all the proceeds will help establish the first scholarship fund at the university on the east coast. >> notre dame. >> it's hard to keep track of. >> the weather doesn't say it, but spring is here. that means many local farmers will start bringing their foods to the baltimore farmer's market. >> today is the first day of the 35th annual baltimore farmer's market. sharon gibala is there. she's probably already been shopping. she knows all of the specific vendors and what they bring every gear. >> i am a regular here at the farmer's market, but i don't work. i come down here myself. i love it. they have more than just produce. you can get baked goods, arts and crafts, you name it. they probably have it here.
8:21 am
they're here today and we are going to tell you what they have if you're headed out. if you are worried that produce isn't in season yet, we have jeff kreit with zahradka farms here to talk to us. >> with asparagus and other stuff like turnips and stuff. within the next couple weeks, everything is running two weeks ahead of time this year. that's good news for everybody for fresh produce. >> i noticed you have the flowers and everything else. >> we have pansies, flowers that are in season. >> are people surprised when they see that you have fruits and vegetables this early? >> yes, yes. they are thinking that there shouldn't be anything great, but with the mileage or, everything is doing good. >> fantastic. there are some new things this year. some of the old favorites have decided to expand their horizons. as of next week, they will be
8:22 am
offering espresso as well. they are getting fancy. we will tell you what else is new, nothing about 20 minutes. in the meantime, if you want to head down here, they are open until just about noon when everything sells out. >> getting fancy at the farmer's market. thanks, sharon. >> it's a good day to be down there. >> coming up on eyewitness news sunday morning. >> a groundbreaking in life braking procedure here at the university of maryland shock trauma. i and jessica kartalija. co,,,,,,,,
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>> after today going up to about 62, some more sunshine. 70 tuesday, 68, 64, and 62 then. >> a virginia man gets a chance at life. it's all thanks to the university of maryland doctors and a revolutionary procedure. >> the patient had the most complex face transplant surgery ever performed. >> reporter: an accident in 1997 -left-brace or delete nor is looking like this, a gunshot to his face took his nose, lit, and chain. now after a groundbreaking 72 hour procedure, surgeons used a donor's skin from the scalp to the neck, including his jaw, tom, teeth, and facial tissue. >> the team used innovative surgical practices as well as
8:26 am
computerized techniques to precisely and i would say a amazingly transplant the entire face. >> over five days, it's estimated that 110 experts ranging from anesthesiologists, face the plot -- facial plastic surgeons, and transplant surgeons all touched the patients. >> it started with me admitting the donor. that's about 20 people that touched that patient. >> this is the most remarkable thing i have ever seen. >> since 2005, norris has undergone several procedures, but until now hasn't been able to function outside his home. >> putting the muscles and nerves back together, greed raping the face, ensuring the hairlines match, and reconnecting. now came the final tailoring, which is the connection of the nerves, the muscles, the soft tissue. providing this drape of mr. richard morris only six days after his
8:27 am
surgical procedure. >> now north can talk and brush his teeth thanks to a procedure expected to improve the lives of countless patients. >> the 37-year-old is now recovering. five others were able to also accept organs from that same donor. jessica kartalija, wjz eyewitness news. >> 22 other face transplants have been performed around the world. >> much more to come on eyewitness news sunday morning, including this is no blackout. landmarks all over the world go dark. we will tell you why. >> and new details in a tragic murder mystery. what police found in the home of josh powell. >> and nobody at wjz won the mega millions. if they did, i'd know who they were. but three other people did. now the nation waits for them all ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> coverage continues with gigi barnett and you're all just tim williams. it's wjz, maryland's news station. >> welcome back to eyewitness news sunday morning. it's 8:30. i am gigi barnett. >> and i'm tim williams. first day of april.
8:31 am
we've counted it down. the first day of april and it's palm sunday and we are on day two of the watch to see who comes forward with the mega million ticket. also, the card on for the orioles opener which is this friday. a lot going on and only just a few hours into this day. a cloudy start to the day. we are ending -- yesterday we started off with some showers. we dried out for much of the day. we continue that trend but we will see a bit of a break of sun through these clouds and the afternoon and then a chance of showers right around sundown which is around 7:00 hour. showers moved from the west. our forecast today but those showers right around indianapolis moving in. it will take a while for them to get here. we are not looking at a washout. 64 degrees today. some son giving way to clouds and temperatures overnight with a few showers going down to 46 degrees. the complete forecast in a few moments. >> thank you. here's what people are talking about. the world is waiting for some
8:32 am
lucky winners to come forward after buying winning lottery tickets for the mega millions jackpot. one of those tickets was sold right in baltimore county. the three ticket holders will split the record-breaking 600 $40 million prize. we don't know the identity of the local winner, but lottery officials say they are learning more about the ticket. >> we do know that it was sold at 7:15 last night. it was a quick pick, and there was only one ticket purchase. >> besides the other jackpot winners in kansas and illinois, 150 players have second tier tickets worth $250,000. a news station in los angeles was there as one man learned that he'd won the quarter million dollar prize. for similar tickets were also sold here in maryland. the search is on after a university student dies in a hit-and-run accident. 20-year-old ryan bailey was hit by a carter was yesterday morning. police say it happened near the intersection of york road and washington avenue are you a
8:33 am
native guide at the scene and witnesses told police the car involved was a white box he styled vehicle. detectives say if you have any information, you are asked to give them a call right away. elsewhere, a toddler fighting for his life this morning after he falls three stories from an apartment building -- an apartment window. the two-year-old has life-threatening injuries and remains in the hospital. police say he fell on friday. investigators are interviewing the child's family to find out what happened. new evidence in the case of the missing utah mom susan powell. she disappeared back into thousand nine. police documents revealed that susan's blood was found on the floor next to a sofa where her husband josh powell had set up to fans. detectives also found a letter that susan had left in a secret safe deposit box. >> this handwritten document
8:34 am
articulates that susan did not trust josh at all. she also indicated that josh threatened that their children would not have a mother and a father if they divorce. furthermore, the letter confirms the marital discord between susan and josh as described by the statements obtained from families and friends. >> josh powell killed in south and their two young boys and a house explosion two months ago. police never charged him in his wife's disappearance. all washington couple is missing today after their boat goes up in flames. police say the couple's houseboat was among 10 other vessels that burned when flames swept through the boathouse on friday. divers are now searching the burned out books that think the bottom of the day. loved ones say they are hoping for a miracle but preparing for the worst. >> i'm much more worried about them, having not heard from them and their cars in the parking lot. >> we've just got to get in there and do it carefully. we don't want any of the rescue teams or divers or anybody
8:35 am
getting hurt. >> no word yet on how that plays began. a colorado woman missing found dead inside her burned home. the death comes after firefighters contained more than 99% of the blaze. it started on monday as a controlled burn and then spread out of control. the raging flames killed three people and forced nearly 200 others from their homes. >> fighting fires in our area is a little easier this morning now that one was out of our fire station is pre-open. the move comes after years of controversy over rotating firehouse foreclosures. >> reporter: this is the home of engine 20. and truck 18. in west baltimore, most folks know the walbrook fire station well. >> its security in the neighborhood. people look forward to it. >> for the last year, the city closed the station. it wanted to renovate the 117-year-old building. all the work is done now, and this weekend marks the official
8:36 am
reopening. >> if you see the before pictures, it really wasn't a safe environment or just wasn't conducive to this type of work we were asking them to do. >> now the station has a new break world, jim, and living quarters. firefighters say it's good to be back at the historic firehouse in their old neighborhood. >> it's good now. it's way better than i had expected when it was way back before. >> a really good job renovating the station and we are glad to have them back. >> neighbors are too. >> and the fire department says it's response time in the area dropped over the last year but with the station back on line, those times are expected to get much better. several of the world's biggest landmarks went dark last night for earth hour from new york to australia. hundreds of landmarks given to their lights as part of an effort to spotlight climate change. about 147 countries
8:37 am
participated. well, the wait is over. giants new hampshire location is open for business. monique griego has more on what's new from its move from the rotunda. >> reporter: new lights in an old location. >> this is absolutely out of this world. this is over-the-top. >> customers couldn't believe their eyes as they took in the sights of the new giant grocery store on 41st street in hampden. >> i think it's great. you have more room. absolutely beautiful. >> the store open for the first time moving from its previous location just down the road. >> the building was getting a little tired. it's nice to have it in a newer building. >> we working in such a small space that we expanded our space. >> the general manager says some of the biggest changes include a new organic food section, a high and meet and butcher area, and -- >> one california roll. >> a sushi bar. >> this is also going high-
8:38 am
tech. it allows you to scan your items so you know exactly how much you are spending. >> it shows you the price, shows you the savings. >> after that, you are only a couple beeps away from being on your way home. for customers, this is just really icing on the cake to all of the upgraded convenience. >> everything looks better and brighter. some of the things that they have they didn't have any other store. >> wjz eyewitness news. >> and giant replaced the old fresh and green at that location. the new store at about 100 new jobs as well. after several weeks and millions of busted brackets, but that's what turned has come down to two teams. one of them is certainly no surprise. the kentucky wildcats had another big game against their rivals, the cardinals. kentucky goes on to win this
8:39 am
one to advance to the title game. and for a while it looked like ohio state would be meeting them there, but at 1 k for the buckeyes built a double-digit lead against the kansas. 54-62 was the final. so the national title game is set. the number 1 kentucky will battle number 2 kansas. the game is a rematch of sorts. so the wildcats versus the statehouse this monday. >> all right. brackets are busted. >> not here. >> anybody who has those too, and you know maybe it's not so surprising that those two are in the end, but it's how everybody got there which is the crazy path.
8:40 am
>> our director just said, not me because i didn't play. it's true. i kind of want to see who makes it. i want to wait and see. >> she will turn in her bracket on tuesday. >> was no money or anything it's. >> today is not a bad day to do anything you want to do outside. not the prettiest day but it's a comfortable day overall. taking a look out at the corner of n and t bank stadium as we keep on pulling that back or get canned in yards on the bottom right of your screen. we are watching -- or is at the bottom left. i can't see what direction the camera is going. >> you are right. >> just making sure. opening day is in about five days. counting it down. 2:00 is when the action begins. special coverage begins at 2:00 on friday. orioles in town versus the
8:41 am
twins. camden yards. of course, bringing you the live coverage on wjz-13. of course, 45 degrees right now is a comfortable start to the day. the average overnight low around 38 degrees. with 38 degrees, typically, we are already at 45 without the fun kicking in. we expect to see a little bit of sunshine through the afternoon kicking in through those clouds. it's just kind of burning in a little bit. the winds are calm right now. the high pressure is really in control despite the fact that we have so many clouds out there. 36 rate now in our higher elevations toward oakland three of 46 cumberland, 46 hagerstown, 46 on the shore as well are you a run immediate metro area, 45. 44 westminster, $43. call meetings across much of the state. just a light breeze down towards southern maryland.
8:42 am
up to about 6 miles per hour breeze. the next rainmaker coming in this afternoon. we are talking about near sundown which is about 7:00 and into the evening and overnight hours. not going to bring a ton of rape. the clouds are in place because the high pressure is eating up most of the moisture. the rain is being -- it's pretty much dissipating. the moisture is staying with us. that's why we have the clouds that we do. the next rainmaker comes with a front that pushes in from the northwest. it's going to get here late this evening. we will call it 7:00 or so. it stays with us only for a short time and moves out of here quickly. 7:30 is the sunset time today. 64 degrees with some son giving way to clouds. overnight lows around 46. partly cloudy with some showers. for the next five days, 62 tomorrow, 70 tuesday. >> still ahead on eyewitness news sunday morning, how chic is
8:43 am
this? we are getting ready for springtime fashions for your children's wardrobe. >> and online at the farmer's market that is open for the first time of the year. they are offering some new items i was paying too much with cable.
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that's contact the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. fios. a network ahead. >> we will be singing at all through the week. yes, opening day is friday. we are looking at 46 degrees and cloudy at 8:46 overlooking oriole park. welcome back to eyewitness news sunday morning. are you looking for a great place to get some fresh produce and a few antique crafts as well click. >> the baltimore farmer's market has begun. it's open for business. wjz is why. sharon is under the bridge with the vendors and what you can expect. good morning. >> good morning, guys.
8:47 am
good morning, everyone. the farmers pocket is open again for the 35th year. it's pretty fantastic. everything you could possibly imagine. produce, flowers, all the regulars. lots of things for breakfast. this year they are offering 30 different flavors of kettle corn. this year they have something different, a new booth that is benefiting charity. it you get something sweet out of the deal yourself. we have marked with grandpas sleety silk pies. tell us about it. >> this year i found out that my kids were only going to get one day of physical education because of budget cutbacks, so we decided that we were going to do something about it. 10% of the proceeds go to baltimore city school pto and pta. we want the parents to disperse the money. so each week we will select a school and make a donation of
8:48 am
10% of the proceeds for the silk pies. >> how are you doing so far? >> they are really, really selling. it looks like we will be sold out. hopefully, everyone will get down here and get as much as possible. >> and you are here every week ex- >> we have been vendors for four years with our occasions right fist sandwich and jumble i have. this year we decided to do something and get back to the community. >> fantastic. i've tasted them and they are pretty good. you are getting something out of the deal as well. if you want to come down to the farmers market, it's open until about noon or until everything sells out area from talking to vendors, i would say everything is selling out separately today. back to you guys. thank you. >> reporting live from the baltimore farmer's market this morning. >> still to come on eyewitness news sunday morning, spring weather brings spring fashion even for
8:49 am
8:50 am
8:51 am
>> looking live over oriole park at camden yards. we will be there on friday for opening day, but today we are talking about fashion. fashion is for the small ones even. we are joined by bridget from a lead sheet. >> thanks for having us. >> we are now in spring as we had to opening day for the orioles, but you want your kids looking for that day and any day afterward. they should come visit you. >> we've got some special holidays coming up next week. everybody wants addressed hanging in the closet that you only wear once. it will be great for spring holidays but they will carry you
8:52 am
through the summer. >> who is up first click. >> let's see who we've got. we've got caroline first. come on over. >> caroline is wearing a great little dress with a net talk and woven bottom. >> what should parents look for in these outfits? >> you see the pieces are very versatile and comparable. that's one of the reasons they get one again because they are easy. a spring jacket, you wake up in the morning and it's 35 degrees. by the afternoon it's 65. this is great piece coupled with shorts or you get into this casual every day. >> layer it. >> how about caroline. come on down.
8:53 am
>> all right. and so this is -- >> this skirt is reversible so there's another print on the bottom and you can reverse it. really cool piece. last but not least is mackenzie. good job. right over here. >> all of these are adorable. you guys are looking for some new faces. >> these are four of our characters. we do a search every year to cast the ad. we are in the middle of the search right now. >> if they think they've got a chic kit at home, how do they contact you click. >> they go to our website. they can read more about the search and upload a photograph. >> tell us where you are. >> we are in green springs station. >> these guys are tiny, but what is the range click. >> would go from newborn to
8:54 am
size eight. >> okay. we will be back ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
8:55 am
8:56 am
8:57 am
>> expect the sun to break this afternoon. 70 on tuesday, 68 and 64 just in time for opening day. >> essentially a week too, before easter. >> of the more versatility you have in the closet, things get dirty. you only have one piece. so every piece going together makes your life a lot easier. >> and they grow out,,,,,,,,,,,,
8:58 am
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